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Eyelash Extensions – Get Eyelashes of Your Choice and Style!

It is the desire of most women to look as beautiful as possible.  There are many things which they do in order to improve their overall look including exercising and dieting to stay in shape, dressing in the latest trends and wearing makeup.  Each of these things is very important and contributes to the overall look of the woman which helps her to portray confidence in the world.  Another thing which is getting very popular in recent years is using permanent or semi-permanent eyelash extensions to help their eyes look even better.

Using makeup and other cosmetics to attempt to give one’s lashes a longer, the fuller look is nothing new and has been used for years.  More than ever before, women today are taking this a step further to get even better-looking eyelashes which will last for weeks or even longer.  There are two main procedures used to give women the lashes they desire.

The first is a permanent procedure where the professional will surgically implant new hair follicles in the eyelid along with the natural eyelash follicles.  This will allow additional growth of more eyelashes and they will also be chosen to be thicker and fuller.  This is a relatively painless procedure and once it’s successfully completed the lashes grow naturally and will provide great looking lashes for life.

Eyelash Extensions


The next option is a semi-permanent procedure which typically lasts six weeks or longer.  It involves a professional applying false lashes which were chosen specifically to match the color of the natural lashes.  They are then applied individually to the natural lashes with a small amount of adhesive.  This gives a very natural looking lash which is thick and long. Since the lashes are applied to existing lashes there is no worry of them not looking or feeling real.

Both of these options are becoming very popular because of their long-lasting results and the fact that they are able to look more natural than any other solutions on the market today.  They will never come off and are completely water proof so there is no risk of crying or rain causing a mess like with mascara.

Eyelash Extensions


There are not many alternatives that provide the beautiful look that eyelash extensions can provide.

Temporary false eyelashes, as mentioned previously, have a very short lifespan and are typically used for single events or functions. These types of lashes can tend to have an unnatural look if they do not match your natural lashes. They have a band at the base where the false lashes are attached and this band is glued above your eyelash line, often making it obvious you are wearing fake eyelashes. Also, if not attached perfectly, these false eyelashes can come unglued or fall off when you least expect it.

Mascara is the other alternative to eyelash extensions. You would have to try some of them out to find what gives you the look you are seeking. With mascara, you can change your eye look every day, but you do have to deal with mascara smudging under your eyes and with mascara removal.

Eyelash Extension Removal

Although we have full confidence in our product and in our team of expert professionals, we know that not all salons can claim that same conviction. A person may require help with eyelash extension removal in Dallas TX for a number of reasons. Some possible scenarios may include:

Eyelash Extension Replacement

If you received professional eyelash extensions only to find yourself horrified by the results, what can you do? If you return to the salon for a do-over, you may just end up disappointed again. Sometimes the best option is to try again somewhere else. Should you opt for complete service at The Lash Loft, we can erase the embarrassment of a botched extension and get it right the first time.

Eyelash Extension Repair

No matter what safeguards you take to protect yourself from life’s little catastrophes, our chaotic world can be unkind to the fashionista. Maybe you have a cat with poor aim. Perhaps you need to scream into your pillow when you come home from work. You might lose a tetherball match and half your lash extensions in one fell swoop. Whatever your disaster, The Lash Loft can aid your extensions’ recovery effort with our premium techniques.


Luckily, you need not wait until your long-lasting extensions come loose of their own accord to change your mind. You can change your lash extensions as often as you change your mind.

Life and its vicissitudes may be unpredictable, but your eyelash extension service need not be. When life’s ups and downs have your eyelashes going up and down and sideways, the quality of care you receive at The Lash Loft is something you can depend on. …

Eyelash Extensions – Get Your Perfect Eyelashes!

We can’t have everything perfect! It means that all of us have certain imperfections since birth. And we go on carrying it all through our lives, irrespective of our likeness towards it. Is it right to do so?

If you are arguing that we should always love our bodies and every feature of it, I won’t discourage you. Of course, we should love ourselves the way we are. But when there are ways to erase away any of your imperfections, why to carry the burden, lifelong.

Today, the human brain has been able to create products to fulfill almost all requirements and remove the imperfections.

Myriads of options come with this novel procedure and any person can choose one among them all, according to their personal taste and choice. A huge variety of options, depending upon the length and thickness, along with the numerous colors are available out in the market. There are brown, green, blue, red and even black colors for you to use.

Although, as stated, the process is simple, one should take care when choosing a professional. He or she ought to have enough experience and must be a master of the process. You can’t accept even the slightest error on the professional’s part. After all, it’s the question of your respected beauty. If you can’t gain anything, you’ll at least not like to lose also.

Eyelash extensions, when done well, is enough to provide you with attractive lashes. However, it is totally at your discretion and you may even use it if you wish.


Eyelash Extensions Can Bring Out the Beauty of Your Eyes

Most women have at one time noticed that their eyes do not appear like those models in fashion magazines, so they might choose to try eyelash extensions. They can be beneficial for women whose lashes on the upper eyelids simply do not grow very long or are very thin. There are many different brands and products available, so choosing the right product for you can be a challenge.

Some must be applied to makeup or cosmetic counters at department stores or by someone who specializes in this, while others can be applied at home. These products have been around for decades, so manufacturers have had plenty of time to perfect the products and make desirable changes. This may be the route to take if you want something for a special occasion or just to wear once in a while when you want a change in your look.

Strips for each eye can cost from $3 to $5 at most stores that sell eye makeup and care products. Temporary products sold in strips are usually applied daily. They should be removed at night to allow the pores of your eyelids to breathe. If you are not sure which brands to try, ask some friends or co-workers who have used such items for recommendations. Many products come in different shades, such as blonde, brown, dark brown and black, so you can match your real color more closely.

Type Of LASH

Semi-permanent products are strands of synthetic hairs that are attached to the real hairs. They must be applied by a professional who does this for a living. With proper care, such treatments can last several months. Costs for the initial application can range from around $200 to $300. In addition, each touch up can cost up to $100, depending on the salon or person you go to for the application. You can swim, sleep and do everything you typically do with this type of application.

Permanent solutions involve a surgical procedure where tiny individual hairs are placed into the skin on the line where your own hairs typically grow. It does entail the typical risks of any surgical procedure, but many women believe the look is worth it. You will not need to worry about touch ups in most cases and can do everything you normally do, such as swim and shower. One also needs to remember to care for yourself during the process. This can be done by seeking the assistance of a licensed massage therapist to ease your pains and increase range of mobility. After all, the process of eyelash extensions can take time to create the perfect look. …